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Progeny: new challenges, new solutions

Based in Azeglio, near Turin, Progind has been recently tackling new challenges in the sector of large size sheet metal molds construction: the solution it developed was designed and implemented for the cutting…

Progind: production process for car interior trims

A specialist in the design and production of moulds, Progind has developed a series of innovations relating to plastic decoration. Thanks to a collaboration with some of the best companies of decoration trims…

Progind: All around the world with an all-around service

Headquartered in Azeglio, some 60 kilometers away from Turin, the Italian motor-city, Progind has been in the mold-building sector for over forty years, and is specialized in the design, construction and mass production…

Barbara Gallo: Association membership and In Mold Decoration are weapons against the crisis

Besides being managing director of Progind, Turin company specialized in the construction of moulds, dies and in the mass-production of plastic parts, Barbara Gallo has always taken part in associations’ life with energy….

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