Progeny: new challenges, new solutions

foto E progind OKBased in Azeglio, near Turin, Progind has been recently tackling new challenges in the sector of large size sheet metal molds construction: the solution it developed was designed and implemented for the cutting and stamping of an engine compartment mechanic component and it is based on a series of different modules, interconnected by a connecting plate, for a 600 tons press machine. The mold weighs 80 quintals and it is three meters long. In Progind’s business the tri-material injection technology has gained a significant role and thanks to it the company was able to create a number of different molds, addressed to the production of backlit components for car interiors. Many solutions were also developed for after-molding operations, such as painting and selective chromium plating. In the mold-construction segment a newly acquired DMG MORI horizontal spindle milling machine has changed the way Progind has traditionally managed its workflow, increasing the Italian firm’s productivity thanks to its faster execution speed and its easier setup, that proved to have a positive impact on processes. Progind’s expertise on the side of esthetics has been growing too, thanks to our cooperation with galvanic processes, in order to create selective plating-based products for car interiors, responding to a variety of customer needs. Backlit buttons and grills only represent an example of the items that Progind can now provide its client with. Chromium plating is one of the major trends, today, for the automotive industry, and not only in the luxury segment. It must offer customers a perception of brilliance, resistance, reliability, both for metal and plastics items. Molding and plating must prove able to meet the tightest and most repeatable manufacturing benchmarks, aiming to fulfill the functional and esthetical requirements of the automotive industry. And from this point of view one of the further challenges that Progind had to face was represented by a large size mold, destined to a chrome plated profile for car doors, to be afterwards assembled with other materials in the following processes. The remarkable budgets that Progind usually invests are devoted to the goal of addressing the market demand for quality and precision in manufacturing, flexibility and safety in terms of services, just-in-time deliveries.

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