Progind: production process for car interior trims

progind 1 OKA specialist in the design and production of moulds, Progind has developed a series of innovations relating to plastic decoration. Thanks to a collaboration with some of the best companies of decoration trims and plastics, a new process was developed for the moulding of commands with backlit chrome trims for the night vision of function lights. The company designed bi-injection (2k) and tri-injection (3k) moulds that are capable of producing parts with a strong technical character and complete with a state-of-the-art aesthetic coating made with a galvanic chromium treatment. The result of this integration is a product that gives tactile sensations similar to steel or aluminum, but with a finish that can be gloss, matt, frosted or coloured.

The union of the different skills of the companies that participated in the project has made it possible to develop an automated process, stable and repeatable that responds to the style and design needs of the automotive market in terms of car interior design, ensuring at the same time a reduction of investment costs.

Thanks to experimentation and research in the field of polymers, chemicals and production processes, Progind can offer its clients a fully vertically integrated service: the company’s engineers in Azeglio (near Turin) are able to take care of the customers from the early stages of design to the final mould, product and production process, complete with all homologation documents. In addition, with a metrological laboratory equipped with last generation machinery, Progind can provide 3D dimensional analysis reports on the colour and gloss of aesthetic parts.

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