Pantostamp: technologies and services to increase our competitiveness

foto D OKPantostamp is a consolidated reality in the injection molding industry. Founded in 1976 by Bernardo Scalici that after some experiences as a toolmaker employee decides to undertake the business venture producing special parts for injection molds. Already after a few years, the company sees its growth in the complete production of injection molds for plastics. Pantostamp for the last two decades has focused its core business in the packaging sector, designing and producing multi-cavity molds with high quality technical content.

Today Pantostamp is a supplier-partners assisting the customer during the entire production process, from design to the beginning of the production with the mold, establishing itself as a protagonist with the top industries of the molding industry. The customer service and collaboration throughout the entire manufacturing process are determined in order to promote the most effective placement of the product on the market and the faster response to their expectations.

Pantostamp is a supplier – partner, who is studying product requirements together with the customer, in order to set the specific design characteristics of the mold to reach, following the most appropriate process, the best value in terms of quality/price .

Research with new materials, reduce cycle time and energy consumption, it is the subject of some political value that Pantostamp offers to its customer.

The great strength of Pantostamp is the highly qualified, young and dynamic  people that with the help of modern technology, manages all its processes to provide a service in line with the expectations of the customer. All processes are planned and executed in-house, from design, through construction of all the parts to the assembly, testing and sampling of the mold.

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