Officina Cannarozzi: our containers are filled with experience

foto C cannarozzi OKThe Officina Cannarozzi machine shop was founded in 1976 in Bergamo, thanks to the expertise that the management had developed in the field of mechanics, first addressing to the sheet-steel molds arena; and subsequently focusing on plastic molds. Officina Cannarozzi, today, is well known and specialized in injection molding manufacturing, especially destined to the container trade. The firm can rely on a series of very high precision machines with up-to-date and technical capacities ranging from the whole mold Computer-aided design (Cad) to the manufacturing of each part, including hot runners for sandwich molds, up to 32 cavities. Cannarozzi’s machine shop also hosts an internal design office, able to fulfill any customer’s request by turning a client’s idea into reality by carrying out the whole mold project and producing two or three dimensions design and programs for Cnc machines, thanks to the 5x Cad-Cam software solutions it uses. Top-quality tempered, grinded and nitrided steels are commonly used in Officina Cannarozzi’s injection molds’ manufacturing process; whilst aluminum forming stations, high quality hardened steel cutting stations, steel rule dies and stacking robots characterize the company’s activity in the thermoforming molds segment. Last, but not least, the Bergamo-headquartered manufacturer can provide its customers, both in Italy and abroad, with machine works based on each client’s designs and the workshop it manages also includes a mold repair and maintenance dedicated shop in which a highly-skilled and experienced workforce can provide customers with a wide selection of services.

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