foto-i-laser-speederA machine for cladding, hardening, measuring operations for highly automated systems devoted to large moulds machining.

An important German car industry has chosen Jobs to equip one of its factories with a Laser Speeder equipped with an innovative laser head.

In particular, the machine will be equipped with a high-power fiber-coupled diode laser.

The plant will be integrated into an FMS, capable of automatically serve also the operator stations (for moulds loading/unloading on/from pallets) and the other milling machines (including a Jobs eVer7), which are part of this automated system. The pallets have dimensions of 5000x2500x250 mm and are capable of handling moulds of weight up to 30000 kg without direct supervision of operators. Laser Speeder has been conceived to perform cladding, hardening and measuring operations. The change is  easily  performed  by  just  changing  the  mirror from hardening to focusing and mounting the powder nozzle or the probe unit. The laser beam cladding technology is used to create wear-resistant layers on mechanical components. In this specific application Laser Speeder will be used to repair and/or add new complex geometries, through 3D additive manufacturing, on moulds and dies for the automotive field. The hardening application is used to increase hardness on all commercial toughenable steels, treating locally to reduce the distortion. The automaker’s choice of this laser system is explained by the fact that today it is more cost-effective to repair a damaged mould with laser then with traditional TIG welding methods as done in the past. Main advantages include reduction in time and definitely better quality in repairing, as material filling can be accurately carried out. Furthermore, the complete elimination of manual operation allows a significant reduction of costs. In the end, some technical data: longitudinal X axis, transversal Y axis, vertical Z axis respectively of 6000, 3500, 1500 mm, axes speed up to 50 m/min, acceleration up to 1.5 m/s².

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