Topicality: pace change for Asta.Net

fig_02With the target of growing with even stronger dynamism, the made-in-Brescia consortium has recently renovated its management, aware of the possibility of holding an ever-growing protagonist role on national and international scale, in the design and manufacturing of dies, as well as in the product industrialization in the die-casting and foundry sectors.

About 40 million Euros of turnover, 300 employees, 50 designers, 60,000 man/hours of productive capacity. These are the aggregate numbers of the companies composing Asta.Net and making it one of the primary protagonists in the ambit of the design and manufacturing of dies, as well as in the industrialization of products in die-casting and foundry ambit. We are speaking of a consortium that, established in 2012 with the precise will of joining the forces of some specialized companies in Brescia province, has immediately adopted a well-detailed and structured organization. Depending on the typology of required machining, the orders are redistributed among the members and the coexistence of different and variegated know-how facilitates the acquisition and management of massive job orders. Each of the member companies is judged, concerning the validity and the timeliness of its activity, according to a logic of scores and penalties given after precise internal audits. The consortium, which aims at turning into a consortium company in the short-medium period, entrusts the external partners only with some production typologies, like for instance the casting one. Almost without competitors until now in Italy, due to the intrinsic nature of its organization, Asta.Net pursues the ultimate goal of becoming the main customer of its associated enterprises, satisfying any design and implementation requirement regarding the mould size (aluminium and magnesium die-casting dies, shells for gravity castings and core boxes, low pressure moulds and dies for thermoplastic injection, just to mention some of them), besides the capability of managing maintenance and optimization activities of already existing moulds, sampling and pre-series.

At the service of a more and more international market


Romeo Facchetti, President di Asta.Net.

Established thanks to the commitment lavished and to the sharing of targets of 8 Brescia companies, today the consortium relies on 20 involved companies (of which a good 17 die makers), coordinated and managed by a management recently renovated, with Romeo Facchetti as President, Andrea Caroline as neo-General Manager, Juri Vella and Daniele Moreschi as Technical Managers and Manuela Barbon in the role of Sales Manager. «A new organization– explains the President Romeo Facchetti – through which Asta.Net aims at further strengthening its position, with a stronger and stronger dynamism in international ambit, currently relying on a consolidated, cohesive and skilled work team». More dynamism oriented to seize the interest and the requirements of key sectors addressed by the consortium, among which certainly stand out automotive and industrial, besides the telecommunication, energy and pharmaceutical ambits. «Germany, Romania, Turkey and Great Britain – adds Facchetti – rank among the international markets that today we consider with great interest and with which we have already established numerous contacts, besides acquiring job orders». It is worth underlining that, just to avoid overlapping competences, the market analyses carried out by the consortium enable the exclusive interaction with additional final customers, besides those turning to the single die maker. Customers that prefer addressing a smaller and smaller overall number of suppliers but that, at the same time, are looking for flexibility, service, support and global competence. Cornerstone elements, the latter, on which the consortium has always based its foundations and its competitiveness. In this context, the success factor that is hardly repeatable with other aggregation forms, resides precisely in the member companies’ capability of working in great synergy, joining transversal competences able to support customers in the development of products and of manufacturing equipment, coordinating the drawing up and the evaluation of feasibility of each project. «Prerogatives – ends Facchetti – that allow Asta.Net to represent a reference body for customers in Italy and abroad and to become their partner in the development of new products. In other words, to supply innovative solutions, with high technological content and high added value, as fruit of the great Brescia entrepreneurial skills».





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