O.M.G. wide range of solutions for moulds manufacturers

foto-gO.M.G. Company is well known by moulds manufacturers thanks to its standard and special products. O.M.G. provides over 100 types of Angle Heads capable to perform all milling and drilling operations on mechanical high-strength steels required in moulds industry. You can find Angle Heads with reduced body to perform difficult machining on areas not reachable by machine tool’s spindle or Angle Heads with ISO 50 spindle for consistent material removals which grants total rigidity to heads-machine tool assembly. O.M.G. spindle speeders range is the best solution when “mirror finish” machining or high RPM are required. This series starts with MO10HS with 35.000 RPM output (non stop running) up to MO34 model capable to transmit of 100 Nm torque. Both Angle Heads and Spindle Speeders can be mounted on standard machines, with or without ATC. In case the tools need coolant through, Angle Heads and Spindle Speeders may be equipped with coolant through from machine spindle to spindle output centre with coolant pressure up to 8 MPa [80bar]. Our R&D team supports customers in developing customized products when standard models cannot fully satisfy their needs. Customer satisfaction is O.M.G. aim to be achieved through a long history of strong synergy with Tools and Machine Tools manufacturers. Today O.M.G. products range can widely satisfy all customers’ needs. O.M.G. is an Italian Company with over 50 years of experience. We export worldwide through a dealers network and we have a U.S.A. sales branch O.M.G. North America. Italian market still represents an important part of O.M.G.’s business managed through a wide sales network. O.M.G. Customer Service supports clients from purchase order to After-Sales which is helpful for a correct installation and proper maintenance through years. This is possible thanks to O.M.G. continuous improvement on both products and processes which daily involves all Company Staff.


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