The Hermle C400 machining center – compact, versatile, and precise

ofto hermle 13004 OKHermle  has drawn upon its proven core competence in 5-axis technology to develop the C 400, which builds upon the tried-and-trusted modified gantry design using mineral casting and has 3 tool axes and 2 workpiece axes (NC swiveling rotary table). Thanks to the strength and precision of the machining center, a high machining volume can be achieved while retaining top precision and optimum surface properties. The mineral cast machine bed ensures the required static stability, this being reinforced by the center’s four legs. Hermle’s structure with the X, Y, and Z axes in the tool and the A and C axes in the workpiece has been tried and tested thousand fold on the market, creating a perfect 5-axis machining center thanks to the perfect interaction of all 5 axes. Workpieces of up to 2000 kg can be worked using 3 axes and workpieces of up to 600 kg can be machined with 5 axes, with traverse distances of X=850mm, Y=700mm, and Z=500mm. In particular, the large swivel diameter of 1000 mm between the side plates of the NC swiveling rotary table, which has a table top with a diameter of 650 mm (leveled on 2 sides to 540 mm), is a great benefit.  However, to enable machining that is both precise and strong, powerful main spindles are also required. With speeds of 15000/18000 rpm (SK 40/HSK A 63), powerful milling spindles that ensure high machining volumes and the precise machining of quality surfaces are available. Naturally, both spindles are equipped with Hermle’s patented collision protection system, which is extremely well regarded by customers. In the case of a collision in the Z-direction, the collision energy is absorbed by six displacement sleeves, which in many cases prevents the spindle from being damaged. In the standard design, the C 400 has a 38-tool magazine that is integrated into the machine bed. The tools are switched using a spindle pick-up replacement procedure. Optionally, an additional magazine with 87 tools is available. With regard to the control system, Hermle uses the tried-and-trusted iTNC 530 by Heidenhain for the C 400 basic but the new TNC 640 is also already available.

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