Gerardi pneumatic Zero-Point System

Foto 02 OKThe new Gerardi  immediate positioning and clamping system (Repositioning  accuracy within 0,005 mm).

Features and advantajes:

  • Reduce set up times by up to 95%
  • Production optimization
  • Saving on fixtures (on the same tombstone you can mount different types of vises)

Gerardi quality

– Quality guaranteed by years of tests and real use in our workshop

– Immediate start up! Guarantee of double check on all the fixtures assembled with Zero-Point

– All components made of special alloy of steel case hardned  and ground

– Repositioning accuracy within 0,005 mm

– Solid integral elastic collet for a better and more accurate  fixtures positioning and disassemble

Gerardi advantajes

– A unique supplier for a TURKNEY SERVICE

– Head plates, tombstones and modular vises set up for Zero-Point

– Free application study

– 1 year warranty

– After sales service

– One pull stud always included in the standard equipment

Gerardi modular vises and all its components are interchangeable allowing the perfect alignment of vises put side by side on the same machine. All Gerardi modular vises are constantly improved with all the latest innovations granting to all our customers to get the most from their investments.

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