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Alfredo Iacovacci, managing director of Romana Stampaggio S.r.l.

Alfredo Iacovacci, managing director of Romana Stampaggio S.r.l.

Romana Stampaggio S.r.l. is an engineering company that has been operating for over sixty years as subcontractor in the cold forming, deep drawing and stamping of sheet metals, for the production of metal precision components.

Alfredo Iacovacci, company’s managing director, welcomes us in the Rome factory, explaining: «Our company autonomously manufactures the related shearing and drawing thanks to its highly specialized personnel and to a workshop equipped with modern equipment and design activities performed by a technical division provided with CAD systems for the surface and solid modelling». In addition to that, the company relies on a modern department entrusted with the production of light steel structural works, for the machining of iron, stainless steel and any other metal. «The entire machine fleet – further adds Iacovacci – counts more than 120 units, including hydraulic and mechanical presses from 4 up to 320 Tons, milling, grinding and adjustment wire EDM with maximum 200 mm-cutting shears. We own also shearing, bending and wire/TIG welding machines, electrical and projection spot welders as well as complementary machinery for the sheet metal working».

Acknowledged quality

foto D  OKAs demonstration of the high quality of the activity carried out but Romana Stampaggio and of the acknowledgement it achieves on the market, it is worth highlighting that the company has been authorized for decades, by licence of the Ministry of Interior, to produce parts for the ammunition sector. Among the major customers, they count leader companies boasting international renown. Alfredo Iacovacci adds: «Since we have customers that operate in very different outlet sectors, the parts we implement change a lot depending on the job order; on the other hand, thanks to the technical office that takes care of the design of dies and equipment “from scratch”, our possibilities are almost unlimited. In general, however, we can state that over the last few years our production focused on caps, bases and terminal covers for electric meters, centralized boards for electric meters, metal containers for launch powders, warheads, capsule protections, small glasses, copper cones, coining and braze-welding components, metal drawers and lockers and so on». The company also implemented some light-alloy parts for the “San Marco Project” the bilateral collaboration programme with the engagement of Italy and USA, from 1962 to 1980, in the scientific research and in the experimentation in the space, which led Italy to be the third nation to launch into orbit an artificial satellite after the Soviet Union and United States.

Wide-ranging machining

Talking about machining operations more in detail, Romana Stampaggio develops and designs as subcontractor dies for processes of sheet metal forming or shearing, follow or transfer type. «They are dies– further adds Iacovacci – that we use in the successive phase, that is to say in the cold forming activity, through shearing and drawing machining allowing us to obtain complex components, even with variable profiles and thicknesses, made of C70 steel, stainless steel, lead, aluminium, copper, brass and other metal alloys». The company manufactures, through stock removal operations, also the necessary mechanical equipment to implement products, as required by customers. Iacovacci explains: «We are speaking of metal jigs for assemblies and welds as well as of hydraulic and mechanical equipment, with specific integrated dies as well».


Company name: Romana Stampaggio S.r.l.

Region and City:
Lazio, Rome

Foundation year: 1974

Activity: die design and manufacturing, implementation of mechanical equipment, shearing, drawing and coining.

Products: cold-drawn parts, mechanical components formed with transfer die, sheared and sheared-drawn parts, pieces for ammunition, coined and braze-welded parts, precision mechanical equipment, wire EDM pieces; production of metal lockers, tool-holder metal drawers, showcases etc.; components for ammunition.

Machinery/equipment/cold forming sector: hydraulic presses from 4 to 320 Tons; mechanical presses from 10 to 160 Tons; facing machine; induction furnace.

Machinery/equipment/die making sector: horizontal spindle and cylindrical grinding machines; lathes, pillar and radial drills, wire and plunge EDM, muffle furnaces; milling machines, sharpening machine.

Available machinery/equipment/steel structural work sector: bending machines up to 100 Tons; shearing machines and spot welders; wire and TIG welding machines.

Reference markets: Italy

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