Prover: plastic items and moulds …now also made of liquid silicone

foto B  OKEstablished in 1988, Prover is an Italian reality that designs and produces thermoplastic moulds and provides the service of plastic component moulding. With a staff of around 30 people, the technological upgrading has always been the company’s feather in the cap. As a matter of fact, it avails itself of state-of-the-art machinery, both in the toolshop and in the moulding department where they implement plastic mono-material, bi-colour and bi-material components, in addition to hollow parts. Since last September, Prover has enlarged its offering to the market, announcing the introduction of a new press for the moulding of LSR Liquid silicone components. A technology with applications in several ambits but calling for a good management and especially a very high precision level, both in the design of the object and of the mould conferring the shape. Precisely for these reasons, Prover has decided undertaking this course and proving the high competence level reached by its technical office, composed by a team of people able to take care of the buyer in all operations of pre-production and design advice with high qualitative standard: design, engineering and rapid prototyping. The faithful reproduction of the prototype is a steady point at Prover, because in this way it is possible to evaluate mechanical functions, aesthetical specifications, costs, cycle times and everything else. The quality of a moulded product, in fact, is given not only by new materials but also by shapes, ribs, technical devices and moulds, which must be measured and checked moment by moment during the machining process. According to that, and adopting severe regulations, Prover is included in the “free pass supplier” category in the majority of cases, creating a tangible added-value for its customers.

Prover: three divisions in synergy
Prover is subdivided into 3 distinct areas: technical office, toolshop and moulding department. The toolshop department scrupulously conforms to the technical office’s directives. Concerning that, to improve the work quality, they have optimized the managerial processes between the two departments by implementing a wired communication net. The CAD and CAM software are in fact usable, with the due limitations, also by the workshop, which is equipped with a computer positioned closed to each machine tools. PC can read designs directly in 3D so that the operator can take, when needed, the necessary values to control the pieces under execution. Still in the local net are available all the files needed to make machines operate with the CAM. Therefore, the direct line between the technical office and the workshop allows eliminating 90% of the paper: the operator recalls with a worksheet the name of the part he must see in 3D, rotates it, looks at it, is informed about the works to be executed and, if necessary, he clicks on the part itself in 3D to gain access to the measurements he needs to proceeds to setups, controls, to a vision of the various mould parts and so on. The toolshop department is finally monitored through an accurate quality control. It is carried out at each manufacturing phase with various forefront equipment. Speaking instead of the moulding cycle, it is preceded by a particular treatment of the raw material. Prover uses a broad range of plastic materials according to the customer’s needs and the related product: from the standard polyolefin to state-of-the-art resins. Moulding operations conform to rigid working protocols, from the stocking in warehouse to the “open job order” service to facilitate customers’ internal management, to the quality control periodically performed on samples up to the product validation through an accurate testing with the consequent packaging. To increase the productivity, to minimize errors and to offer utmost flexibility, Prover has automated some presses in the final process phase, allowing the various operators to focus on “nobler” preparation and machining phases calling for higher concentration. A detail, not less important: the entire shed is equipped with a sophisticated system of air purification and recycling that makes the environment clean and healthy for company’s workers and visitors, one of the several excellence realities that make Italy a Country able to compete in the difficult arena of the international market.

The Company 

Company name: Prover Srl
Region and City: Lombardy – Merate (LC)
Appurtenance sector: Subcontracting
Activities: implementation of moulds and moulding of thermoplastic materials
Installed machines: CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines, Plunge and wire EDM, Arburg presses with range capacity from 20 to 400 tons.
Machined materials: from the standard polyolefin to state-of-the-art resins, liquid silicone.
Commodity sectors supplied: Automotive, Medical, Electrical, Household Appliances, Telecommunications
Delivery times: variable from 30 to 60 days, depending on the job order

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