Rivadossi Trafilerie: serving the EDM market since 1985

Rivadossi Trafilerie is one of the first EDM-oriented companies ever established on the Italian market, on which it has been playing since 1985, when it began to produce wire spark erosion special equipment. Today, after celebrating its 30th anniversary, Rivadossi Trafilerie manages to provide its customers with a complete product array, in order to fulfill the demand and the needs of die-sinking companies of any kind. Headquartered in Lumezzane, not far from the city of Brescia, in North-Eastern Italy, Rivadossi can display a complete product and solutions portfolio, including brass wire, coated wire, filters, wire guides, power feed contacts plus a number of miscellaneous equipment for EDM technologies. The rich offer of brass wires the company produces and distributes can address the requirements for a state of the art equipment that EDM machines – given their growing demand for speed and accuracy and their nature of high-technology devices – express today. Zinc and copper coated brass wires are able to improve the cutting process efficiency and speed to a noteworthy degree. The coating process is performed with cutting edge equipment which allows die – sinkers to get remarkably fast and accurate working tools. As for its filters, Rivadossi considers that removing debris is fundamental for EDM wire duration and efficiency. In fact, without effective filtration, a wire machine quickly loses its ability to maintain high cutting speed and obtain expected dimensional accuracy. Therefore, it’s important to get filters that can remove debris from the dielectric fluid quickly, effectively and thoroughly, and this is in fact what the company‚Äôs technologies can ensure. The wire guides supply includes parts designed to work with a wide array of cutting machines brands and models, providing the possibility to purchase the goods best suited for any equipment and wire diameter; while finally the power feed contacts are produced for machinery of leading models and brands and fulfil all market requirements.

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