Asta.Net: a point of reference for foundries and end-users

Mr. Andrea Cerutti, general manager of

Mr. Andrea Cerutti, general manager of

The challenge continues… has increased its number of associate companies from 18 to 20, thus developing its potential and ability to offer different solutions within the market. As indicated by the general manager, Mr. Andrea Cerutti, the company’s recent participation at the Euroguss exhibition in Nuremberg was a huge success, as an outstanding number of visitors expressed significant interest in our image. This interest was sparked not only by our innovative and original stand, but also more importantly because we are reliable partners offering quality service and excellent products.

Though the year has only just begun, we are confident that 2016 will be a further indication of Asta.Net’s intuition, based on the excellent results of 2015 which saw a 140% increase in turnover compared with 2014.

The road ahead is clear: is increasingly becoming a clear and in-demand point of reference for foundries and end-users thanks to synergies with steel and heat-treatment producers and engineering departments.

foto A1  OKMr. Cerutti has also highlighted that our company has received significant appreciation and a verified high approval rate for its service and way of working from the European market, especially in countries such as Germany, Austria, Turkey, Sweden and Romania. We have already received enquiries from non-traditional markets which we will address with our usual enthusiasm and awareness.

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