Panasonic is beginning to mass produce polybutylene terephthalate molding compounds

PIC_panasonicPanasonic is starting mass production of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) molding compounds for laser welding, enhancing the design of automative switches and sensors.

Laser welding has recently attracted the industry’s attention as its high welding strength can shorten the bonding time and increase productivity. However, plastic molding compounds generally used for laser welding have had low laser transmittance, leading to problems with welding strength and waterproof properties.

Panasonic aims to solve these problems by commercializing the PBT molding compounds with high laser transmittance for excellent welding strength and waterproof properties. The compounds allow laser welding, long-term reliability and a flexibility of design when applied to automotive components. Laser transmittance of 72 percent, low warpage of molded parts and high hydrolysis resistance enables the manufacture of small and large automotive components. A 94 percent retention rate was seen after a high-temperature, high-humidity storage test.

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