Simufact’s news on simulation of pressure welding processes

SimufactAt Wire Düsseldorf 4-8 April, Simufact introduces new options for the simulation of pressure welding processes, in which workpieces are joined by applying heat (through the introduction of electrical current or due to friction) and are then subsequently joined by applying pressure. Pressure welding processes – include resistance spot welding, friction welding and friction spot welding among others. Another new feature is the possibility to simulate the intermediate steps in resistance heating which allows for a reduction of strain hardening effects.

The new application module pressure welding adds value to cold forming manufacturing process chain

Many cold-formed workpieces are further processed in subsequent stages of manufacturing. Therefore, for the suppliers of parts, it is important to meet certain quality requirements for further processing right from the start.

The increasing accuracy of simulation models as well as the simulation- based predictions of the press force progression provide users useful practical assistance for adjusting tool settings on the machine. More and more cold forming companies employ production process monitoring systems in order to identify component quality issues and to secure the production process. By coupling process simulation and process monitoring, they may prevent a systematic overloading of the tools and machines which results in an increase of tool life, fewer tool failures and overall a more robust production process.

In a joint project Simufact, Prokos (a production control systems specialist for process monitoring in metal forming), and Möhling (an expert in cold forming and cold formed parts) have connected the two worlds of process simulation and process monitoring. The project partners have excusively brought together the simulation software Simufact.forming with Prokos’ systems. They gathered first practical experience when employing the systems at Möhling – especially with regards to the press force progression. Linking process simulation with process monitoring allows for a practical adjustment of cold forming processes based on an optimized simulated process design: “Manufacture as simulated”. This approach simplifies the production machine’s set-up with the objective of optimizing tool life.

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