Leoni improves injection moulding capabilities for medical technology

leoni_Injection-moulding-medical-technologyCable manufacturer Leoni has enhanced its expertise in the manufacturing of overmoulded connections for medical equipment.
The company’s technology park has recently been extended with additional production lines at its various manufacturing facilities. In both high and low pressure processes, the healthcare business unit overmoulds thermoplastic and elastomer plastics; for example, two-component injection moulding of liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

In its production of cable systems for medical technology, Leoni uses various semi-automatic injection and overmoulding techniques to process thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers and LSR. In addition to the injection moulding machines at various of its production facilities, the company’s healthcare business unit can draw upon a broad range of special hot-melt devices. The preferred material for overmoulded connectors, grommets and v-splitters for endoscopy systems is LSR. Combined with an LSR cable jacket, Leoni supplies flexible, gastight and autoclavable systems.

“We aim to offer our customers more overmoulded components in our ready-to-install systems solutions,” Siemen-Jannes Meinders, Head of Leoni’s Business Unit Healthcare, said in explaining the investment in more semi-automatic plant. “As a systems supplier, we focus on customised solutions for specific requirements, and do so starting from small lot sizes. That calls for a broad range of technologies and know-how.”

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