Jagmohan reaches 3000 litre blow moulding machine

JagmohanJagmohan has become the first company in in the whole of Asia to manufacture and export 3,000 litre blow moulding machines for HDPE water tanks. The company is one of India’s largest blow moulding machine manufacturers and has been in business for 35 years, building up a good reputation for quality, speedy delivery and good sales and service.

Jagmohan supplied its first ever developed 1,000 litre double layer machine to a business in Kenya in 2008 and since then interest in the machine has snowballed.

Jagmohan exports its extrusion blow moulding machines for water tanks to Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, Italy, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Its machines are robust and produce good quality HM-HDPE tanks. Tanks made of HM-HDPE are not just lighter but have an extended lifespan compared to LDPE, roto-moulded tanks.

In comparison with roto-moulding, Jagmohan’s blow moulding technology eliminates additional processes like pulverising and pelletising. The automated system means less manpower, less breakdown time, less power, less recurring costs and more profit.
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