Lamborghini chooses 3D printing for spare parts on a large scale

Lamborghini is collaborating with Carbon to produce car spare parts more efficiently. The two companies have announced an agreement for the introduction of the DLS (Digital Light Synthesis) technology by Carbon inside the production process of Lamborghini.

Mariangela Quarto

The first components that will exploit Carbon technology are a new fuel cap and a clip component for an air duct. Both parts have been developed for the super SUV URUS, the supercar introduced on the market in 2018. In addition to this, Lamborghini is exploiting the potentialities of the 3D printing by Carbon and the competences of Electronic Research Lab of Volkswagen for the optimization of components already existing and for the redesign of other vehicle parts, like interior components, assembly parts and some accessories.
Many components of Lamborghini vehicles are ideal candidates for manufacturing through additive technologies and, thanks to this collaboration, they can produce more durable products more efficiently, smartly and quickly, notably reducing the time-to-market.

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