PepsiCo promises using 25% of recycled material in packaging

PepsiCo drink giant has renewed its approach to plastics promising to use recycled material in plastic packages by 2025 and collaborating with suppliers and partners to promote a better recycling infrastructure and policy worldwide. The final goal is the design of the packaging totality for being recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, up to introducing 33% of recycled PET content into polyethylene terephthalete (PET) beverage bottles within 2025. PepsiCo, which is already one of the major users of recycled PET for food use, today intends to achieve a situation in which plastic is never a waste, favouring the progress towards a circular economy for plastic. Concerning this, it is essential to increase drastically the global collection and recycling percentages through investments in recycling infrastructures and technologies, idea that will be developed by the agreement of PepsiCo with the commitment towards the New Plastic Economy by Ellen MacArthur Foundations, which has seen the agreement of over 250 organizations to eliminate plastic pollution at the source. PepsiCo is signer of the agreement, side by side with Danone, Unilever, Mars, The Coca-Cola Company and L’Oreal. Major package producers, like Amcor and Mondi, as well as waste management companies such as Veolia, Plastic Energy and SUEZ, have undersigned the commitment, too. At the beginning of the current month, PepsiCo accepted a long-term agreement with Loop Industries to start using 100% of recycled PET material in product packages within the half of 2020.

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