Heating moulds with carbon: Fibretemp

Fibretemp carbon heating kits for mould constructionFibretech creates Fibretemp, carbon heating kits according to the Heating Preform Assembly (HPA) process. A cutting and laminate pattern is derived from the design, defining the performance data for the heating and control hardware, and a bill of materials with material requirements is created for the project.

The use of a Fibretemp heating kit offers a huge time saving potential in the construction of heated moulds. Experienced mould makers can quickly and successfully produce electrically heatable moulds without specific training. A detailed description of the procedure is provided with each heating kit.

Based on an existing master plug, the heating kit is placed on the prepared top layer of the mould, the functioning is tested and the layer is impregnated with resin by vacuum infusion.

In the second step, the sandwich construction is completed with a honeycomb core and rear covering layers. Finally, the finished mould shell can be attached to a base frame. After connecting the control and regulation unit, the mould is ready for use.

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