Bram 5-axis milling machine for composites

BRAM 5-axis milling machineBram is a multi-axis CNC milling machine deloped by the Czech speciali Blue Ray.  The new compact 5-axis machining centre designed for productive machining of aluminium, composite materials, plastics, etc. The high rigidity and dynamics of the machine ensure effective, high-precision machining catching up with the performance of metal cutting machines. The machine features a linear tool changer with a capacity up to 52 tools. All travels are protected by bellows and a complete covering can be provided for the machine, including a movable ceiling covering.

The machine is suitable for various applications where high precision and productivity are required, in particular in the automotive or aerospace industries. The machining centre was designed with a focus on resistance to dust particles of all kinds, which guarantees a long service life and trouble-free operation.

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