Engel will showcase technical molding applications at NPE2018

To showcase technical molding applications at NPE, Engel will produce light-emitting diode headlights on an e-victory 310/120 US injection molding machine equipped with a two-cavity
mold from ACH solution

From single injection molding machines to highly integrated production cells, Engel offers an array of custom solutions for the injection molding industry, many of which will be showcased at  NPE2018.

Developing customer-specific solutions requires more than technological know-how, says Engel, it relies on understanding and efficiently implementing customers’ individual requirements.

To achieve this, Engel aligns its industry expertise in five business units, both at its headquarters in Austria and at Engel Machinery Inc. based in York, PA, with dedicated business unit managers.

From automotive to technical molding, and teletronics and medical to packaging, each industry presents specific challenges, though the principle trends may be the same, said Engel.

Process integration and automation are continuing to gain importance in North America.

At the same time, there is increased focus on digitization and networking.

These trends result in more quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but they also engender greater complexity in production processes.

“As a systems solutions provider, we ensure that even complex processes can be easily and securely controlled,” said Mark Sankovitch, President of Engel Machinery Inc., in advance of NPE 2018.

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