Netstal developed solution to address power outages

Photo by Netstal-Maschinen AG

Netstal-Maschinen AG has developed a new option for its PET-Line production system, which can fend off the impacts of power outages during production.

CPP – for ‘Controlled Production shutdown during a Power outage’ – is a new solution that increases the robustness of the PET-LINE system during brief power outages, according to Stefan Kleinfeld, Product and Application manager at Netstal.

The system will provide enough power to continue operation of the current cycle in the case of momentary power failures, Netstal said in a statement.

“If the outage lasts somewhat longer, then sufficient power is provided to reliably and controllably shut down the cycle,” the company added.

In the process, preforms are fully injected and demoulded, meaning short shots do not arise. Meterage for the next shot is stopped and the entire system is controllably brought to a halt.

“All axes are returned securely to their end position. As soon as the power returns, production can be simply started up again,” explained Kleinfeld.

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