CGTech to demonstrate new VERICUT version

foto-c-vericut8-loggerVERICUT CNC simulation, verification and optimization software is used world-wide to simulate the machining process for large, small, simple or complex parts and all types of CNC machining, including drilling and trimming of composite parts, water jet, robots and mill/turn. It simulates all types of CNC machines it operates stand alone, it can also be integrated with all leading CAM systems. Upon upgrading to VERICUT 8, the first thing an existing customer will notice is the new Ribbon Bar. The Ribbon Bar allows you to quickly select the VERICUT function you want to use. As you move from tab to tab, the Ribbon bar dynamically updates to show the options available for that tab. Options are grouped by the function they perform within VERICUT. Version 8 has been enhanced to take advantage of more Machinig Cloud metadata and to integrate efficiently with cutting tool suppliers and tool management system; this can significantly simplify the configuration of tools for use in VERICUT. Other new features: Force enhancements; consolidated reporting features; control panel emulator; model manipulation simplified; graphical tool path analysis. “VERICUT 8 is all about optimizing our customers’ workflow to quickly access only the menu choices needed at the time,” said CGTech Italia country manager Luca Mozzoni. “The Ribbon Bar helps users find the functionality they need quickly and with minimal mouse clicks.”

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