Increasing efficiency in mold and die with Jäger spindles

foto-e-alfred-jaeger-stampiAdvances in the mold and die making industry are constantly increasing, as well as the demand for high quality, low cost and short lead time. The trend towards miniaturization of components continues and even large items are calling for delicate ribs, intricate beading, or small cavities to be produced. Work pieces are generally manufactured on modern CNC machines, which are equipped with the appropriate rotational speeds and torques allowing them to run with larger tools – resulting in quality roughing and finishing operations. Depending on the material and hardness of your smaller solid carbide milling cutters, rotational speeds of 100.000 Umin-1 and higher are required for the most efficient outcome. Respectively, the machines can quickly reach their limits of rotational speeds when using small tools. In practice, the limiting speeds of the machine can then be used for editing. Generally, the main spindle of the machine tool cannot reach the optimum cutting speed of the modern high-performance smaller cutting tools. Accordingly, the feed rates must be reduced causing an increase in manufacturing cost. This increase can be pretty high depending on the complexity of the work pieces.  Jaeger Spindles provides a low priced and user-friendly solution to this problem with a mold and die making concept explicitly catered to the new spindle generation. A high-frequency spindle is adapted at the intersection of the main spindle with a speed of up to 100,000 rpm-1. The main spindle of the machine tool stands still during the milling process and is given a break. With this additional spindle, not only are the optimal cutting data and feed rates reached, but depending on the application the production times is rapidly reduced. Due to the relatively high torque, the spindles have sufficient energy reserves for hard machining of steel with small tools. These popular sub spindles are also used for the production of copper and graphite electrodes as each spindle is equipped with an air seal to prevent dust and dirt from entering the bearing points and causing premature wear. With the development of new spindles, Jaeger has developed an integrated concept for the mold and die making industry. We are always happy to advise and estimate for your custom fit spindle.

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