Yizumi-HPM launches three new series of injection molding machines

US-built two-platen servo hydraulic injection molding machines from China’s Yizumi to debut at NPE in Orlando

Yizumi-HPM Corp., a unit of China’s Yizumi Group and a leading manufacturer of high-quality hybrid injection molding machinery from 60 to 3500-tons clamping force, will announce the launch of three new series of injection molding machines at NPE 2018 May 7-11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

The DP-N series two-platen servo hydraulic, A5-N series toggle servo hydraulic, and the FE-N series full servo are all built to North American design criteria and standards and make use of KEBA touch-screen control systems throughout the machine line.

The N designation indicates the series is developed and configured for the North American market.

Yizumi-HPM has introduced the DP-N series two-platen servo hydraulic model UN1200DP-N-12050 (1200 US tons, 240-oz shot size). At NPE 2018, this machine will run a special MuCell FoamPro technology, which Yizumi developed with Wilmington, Mass.-based Trexel Inc., the developer of the MuCell foaming process.

FoamPro is a “rapid heat, rapid cool” process that creates textured finishes, reducing part weight by up to 20% and required clamping forces by up to 50%.

Yizumi-HPM’s three new series are based on HPM designs but utilize the engineering, manufacturing, and financial strengths of Yizumi, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of injection molding machines, according to Bill Duff, General Manager, Sales and Marketing for Yizumi-HPM.

“We’ve re-emerged stronger and better from our HPM roots and we’re excited about the momentum we’ve generated in the market,” said Duff. “We believe we’re uniquely positioned to offer the market high-quality technical injection machines that deliver high performance at an affordable cost.”

Yizumi-HPM will demonstrate FoamPro technology with a single-cavity aluminum mold on a UN1200DP-N-12050 two-platen injection press, producing an 880-gram PP briefcase in a 49-sec cycle.

The DP-N series boasts a box-shape platen that is designed for high rigidity and high parallelism. Mold closing and opening are controlled by a high-response servo valve with mold-open repeatability up to ±0.1mm. The DP-N series is offered from 550 tons to 3500 tons with a modular design that allows multiple molding solutions.

Yizumi-HPM will also launch the A5-N series toggle servo hydraulic model UN360DP-N (360 US tons, 34 oz). This machine will manufacture a 2.5 gallon (9.5-l) HDPE pail, utilizing the company’s exclusive Double-Wave barrier screw technology for rapid recovery and excellent melt quality.

Key features includes a highly rigid clamping unit and extended ejector guiding platen design, along with an optimized injection structure design for reduced frictional resistance and enhanced precision.

Yizumi’s third-generation energy-saving servo technology is stable, reliable, and durable. It is characterized by high efficiency, energy savings, low noise, strong power, and fast response. The A5-N series is offered from 65 tons to 1125 tons with numerous available options and technologies.

The company will also offer the FE-N series full-servo electric model FE-N-60 (60 US tons 2 oz). This is a new fully electric machine designed for the North American market and is available from 65 to 290 tons clamping force.

The machine features an optimized injection unit structure, servo motor customization, and a special lubrication system. The FE-N series is configurable to different sizes with high-speed recovery and fill up to 500 mm/sec. At NPE, the machine will run a small medical part.

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