Winners of the 6th European Thermoforming Parts Competition 2016

spe-thermoformingFor the 6th time, in 2016 the European Thermoforming Parts Award highlighted applications selected by the jury at the recent European Thermoforming Conference in Sitges (Barcelona) from 9 – 11 March 2016.

1st Prize Winner: Heavy Gauge – Vehicle/Automotive Applications
”Engine Hood” by Technoplast
”Engine Hood” + 50 components integrated in a Plug and Play function, produced by Technoplast Industries, France.
Material type: ABS PMMA + PA6 15% GF
Unique qualities: 150°C (continuous) /170°C (peak) high resistance to chemicals/fluids because of double skin in PA6 + 15% GF.
Jury´s motivation:”A large area cosmetic forming but for an industrial application. Surface finish is good. Well formed and trimmed – both parts are well assembled, good integrity in bonding and highly functional part”.

1st Prize Winner: Heavy Gauge – Building Applications
”VELUX Roof Dome” by Formplast
”VELUX Roof Dome”1000×1500  produced by Formplast, Sweden.
Material type: PC UV
Unique qualities: the high optical quality on the thermoformed part.  To reach the very high demand of optical clarity by use of normal positive thermoforming is very difficult.
Jury´s motivation:” Excellent clarity using a fairly complex sheet material which requires a great deal of preparation. Good industrial application – high risk product”.

1st Prize Winner: Thin gauge – Food Packaging Applications
”Veggiefresh” by RPC Bebo Plastik
”Veggiefresh” IML-T Tubs and Lids with premium decoration qualities, produced by RPC Bebo Plastik, Germany.
Material type: PP
Unique qualities: wide label coverage of body incl. stacking rim, barrier options through multilayer sheet for oxygen and UV barrier, as well as light protection, utilization of existing tools…..
Jury´s motivation: ”The way to beat injection moulding, nice volume thermoformed IML to the product”.

1st Prize Winner: Thin gauge – Vehicle/Automotive Applications
”Back lighted Day-Night effect baguette”
”Back lighted Day-Night effect baguette” produced by WalterPack, Spain.
Material type: PC with multi-layer of inks
Unique qualities:  a 10 layer printed foil, high pressure formed at 100 Bar, UV cured and back injected part to obtain a decorative back lighted baguette for automotive applications with a day-nigh effect..

Jury´s motivation: ”Advance high pressure forming – superbly done”.

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