Towards Moulding Expo on the wake of the recovery

foto D OKIt was officially presented last 10th March in Stuttgart the 2015 edition of the international moulding exhibition scheduled in the chief town of Baden-Württemberg from 5th to 8th May, on the wake of new optimism for the future of the German and European industry.

Numbers are the most effective witness of the importance held by Moulding Expo, scheduled in Stuttgart next May, from 5th to 8th, for the international players of the mould industry and related technologies. Two months after the starting of the works, Messe Stüttgart communicated – during the official presentation event on March 10th – that a good 550 exhibitors have already registered and the hope is taking up fully the 31,000 available square metres. The represented nations are 26 and if 20% of participants come from across the border, Italian mould makers will rank among the most numerous, together with Portuguese, Swiss, United States and French manufacturers. This is the sign of the central role that the tricolour industry plays in continental ambit and not only; while more in general, the optimism expressed in the promotion phase by some speakers highlight a new confidence in the (good) sorts of the manufacturing industry. Gerhard Hein, economic-statistical manager of the association of German machine tool manufacturers Vdw has for instance underlined that in the Federal Republic the machinery expects the 3% rise of productions in 2015. The ascent counterbalances the 1% lost last year when, however, with 14.4 billion Euros of turnover, the sector reached the second highest productive peak in its history. Still according to Vdw, moulding affects by 3.6% output values and last year it generated a turnover worth 397 millions. The driving engine of the made in Germany, boosted also by the quantitative easing and by the oil drop, can drive the business of other leader nations, starting from the Peninsula, and Moulding Expo seems tailor-made for several of our domestic companies. The organization has in fact explicitly declared that it intends to reveal the value of «the hidden champions of toolshops, model makers and moulding workshops», often provided with innovative technologies but poor in terms of marketing-oriented resources and dedicated to the conquest of new foreign customers. A trade fair of global reach like Stuttgart exhibition can be a relevant business opportunity for them.

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