The year’s top innovations in molding: world’s first nine-manifold extrusion die

small_9MANIFOLD4_HRNordson EDI (Westlake, OH) introduced co-extrusion technology that enables film processors to achieve tighter thickness tolerances for the individual layers in a multi-layer structure.

Nordson has manufactured what it claims to be the world’s first nine-manifold extrusion die yielding multi-layer film with two-thirds less layer thickness variation. The new technology is particularly suited to processors with high-throughput lines dedicated to a narrow range of products.

The nine-manifold flat die has been successfully commissioned, and is producing nine-layer film from various resins. While the degree of improvement will vary with the application, in general, Nordson EDI’s nine-manifold die technology promises to reduce variation in individual layer thickness from the +/- 15% tolerance often encountered with comparable advanced feedblock systems to +/- 5%, according to Sam G. Iuliano, Chief Technologist for Nordson EDI. “The greater accuracy achievable with multi-manifold dies enables processors to run thinner layers of the costly specialty materials often required for high-performance packaging films, while at the same time enhancing product quality and consistency,” said Iuliano.

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