The year’s top innovations in molding: new System Cooling platform from AST Technology

AST Technology (Wauconda, IL) introduces a new System Cooling platform gives molders the ability to monitor water flow and temperature circuits inside the mold. “There are monitoring devices for mold pressure, injection speeds, cycles and cycle times, but there has not been a comprehensive system for tracking water flow and temperature through the entire mold until now,” explained Sujit Sheth, AST’s General Manager, Monitoring Division. “Cooling constitutes 60% of a mold’s overall cycle time—that means it should be a factor we can harness to help reduce or control cycle times and stabilize part quality.”

System Cooling fills that role by monitoring every circuit in the mold individually. With other systems, pressure loss can only be detected based on the time the water goes into the mold compared with when it comes out. System Cooling can protect the mold and improve quality by quickly identifying cooling problems and alerting the user to various common cooling circuit problems, such as no water flow from the mold heater, blocked waterways, scale/rust build-up, and incorrect piping.

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