The year’s top innovations in molding: new SynCool 3 passive cooling system

corvette-synventive-150SynventiveSynventive Molding Solutions, a business of Barnes Group Inc., proved that hot-runner systems are a critical component in automotive molds. The company showcased what its hot-runner systems are capable of by displaying a 2015 Corvette in its booth at NPE2015.

Synventive is all about control with its complete line of Synventive activeGate tool-based molding technologies: nuGate, hGate and Valve Pin Position Monitoring options; and modular actuators and SynCool 3 passive cooling for valve-gated hot runner systems. Then there’s Synventive’s SynFlow, which offers much more than just open/close—once thought to be enough, commented Bill Rousseau, Chief Engineer at Synventive. “Now we can expand on this progression in two stages. We can control the opening and the flow front,” he said.

The new patented SynCool 3 passive cooling system is designed to work with the new line of Synventive modular actuators: No water-cooling lines are needed; it offers immediate tool removal without cooling; preheats without damage to actuator or seals; and eliminates downtime caused by clogged water lines.

Source: PlasticsToday

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