The year’s top innovations in molding: new options of G24 hot-runner temperature-control systems product line

GAMM_G24M_4x6Gammaflux L.P. (Sterling, VA), a global supplier of hot-runner temperature-control systems introduced two new options for its G24 hot-runner temperature-control systems product line at NPE2015, designed to help increase productivity and profitability for injection molders. Water flow is key in molding good parts, and most moldmakers are well aware of how critical water lines are in protecting water and valve gate seals in hot-runner systems. Gammaflux’s new Water Flow Monitoring option employs dual output flow and temperature sensors in the molding cell to monitor and ensure proper water flow throughout the mold. Gammaflux noted that its products “are so much more advanced than they were even a few years ago” and have evolved into production monitoring systems for molders.

“Good parts are highly dependent on adequate cooling in the mold to control various aspects of the molded part, including finish, shrinkage and general dimension repeatability,” said Mike Brostedt, Gammaflux Director of Market Development. “Monitoring multiple points of temperature, pressure and flow throughout the mold can identify problems prior to quality control rejection and document production for critical applications. All of these products are simply to help molders prevent common problems from occurring to maximize uptime and make better parts with optimum cycle time.”

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