The Electrical Ejector

foto-a-evacuatore03_2016The year 2015 has been noted as a decisive period for our Research and Development activity and allowed us to present for the first time in Italy, with Mecspe 2016 a new exiting product: the ELE. This is the aim of Newstark, the trade name registered by Essemec Unipersonale Srl: to offer innovative products and services of excellence, tailored to the needs of our customer. The company, from Piombino Dese (Padua), counts twenty years of experience in the engineering industry, specializing in the design and construction of special standardized components for molds for the processing of cold-rolled sheet metal. The Electrical Ejector is a material conveyor mechanism trough electrical vibrant system, with very small dimensions, applicable even in evacuation uneasy situations. The device is very compact with the following dimensions for 10 kg load: 208x141xH57 mm. Depending on application requirements, by mean of a chassis, different sizes of sliders can be applied. The ejector’s operation is granted also in horizontal position and the system is activated trough electrical connection 12 V. This range of products has been developed by our technicians in order to find a solution to the pneumatic ejectors’ frequent problems. The advantages of Newstark’s ELE are the easy connection to the press, the cheap energy supply and the reliability. It is less noisy in comparison with the pneumatic ejectors, allowing workers to work in best conditions and thanks to an optional it is possible to regulate the speed. The Electrical Ejector has already achieved a great success in Germany after the preview at Blechexpo 2015 and actually counts two models for different loads.

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