Tecnomatic introduced spiral geometry optimized for PE, PP extrusion

Tecnomatic Venus die-head 250

Italian die-head maker Tecnomatic (Azzano S. Paolo, Italy) has introduced the Venus extrusion die-head, whose design benefits from the company’s many years of experience developing die heads for extruding polyolefin materials.

Conceived for conventional and standard pipes, the Venus concept is also available for the production of micro ducts ranging in size from 3 to 16 mm and up to 800 mm in a cross version for coating steel, plastic, composite, corrugated and umbilical pipes.

The spiral geometry has been optimized for the latest generation of PE and PP raw materials.

The Venus 1600 and 2800 set a new standard for the production of large-diameter pipes, said Tecnomatic.

The main innovation resides in the use of two extruders with distribution split into two spirals, each fed by an extruder.

The spirals have the same geometry and are short in length to reduce residence time.

Based on a swelling production mode (for better control of wall thickness distribution and pipe quality), the die heads allow high output, low working pressure, optimal melt distribution and quick change overs.

Venus die heads can be fitted with two options: Pipe Air Cooling to reduce cooling length and improve pipe quality and Venus Coex radial spiral technology for a second (external) layer.

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