foto-f-_tebis_pi_version-4r2_adaptive-roughingTebis V4.0 R2, the new software release available from the last June, has been enhanced with several new functions, for advanced performance and an improved support during milling process.

The technology partner for roughing

One of the most important novelties introduced by R2 is the highly efficient milling strategy of adaptive roughing, with which users can machine components with steep cavities up to 60% faster and still keep tool costs low with optimal service life. The path layout is automatically adapted to the component geometry without full-width machining and with a large depth of cut, small lateral stepover and optimal utilization of the cutting data. Integrated re-roughing enables simple subsequent machining of areas with larger steps from bottom to top. This results in longer service life and constant cutting conditions. The strategy is especially suitable for high-performance machining. However, the simple availability of this strategy is not sufficient to get the most out of all the advantages. The question of whether this machining strategy is suitable depends not only on the tool, but also on the component geometry, the material to be cut and the machine. Tebis provides users advice on which combinations yield the desired success. Not only do you get the powerful software, but also the necessary expertise regarding the conditions under which it can be used.

Integrated wire EDM

Another great news is the wire EDM function, now fully integrated in the program. The process provider uses this feature of the integrated NC programming environment from DCAMCUT expert. This leading software is produced by DCAM GmbH, a 100% Tebis subsidiary. This enables the detection of erodable contours, assignment of machine and quality data, definition of calculation parameters for the NC paths, visualization of trimming operations and preparation of the NC documentation.

Still more functions

The main V4.0 R2 news are: new automation strategies for the production of big components, new accelerating functions for ruled-form feature, full integrated robot and the machine collision check in background.


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