TactoTek and Dassault Systemes collaborate to advance IMSE technology

TactoTek, a manufacturer specializing in injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) technology, announced a collaboration with Dassault Systemes to enable users of the 3DExperience platform to digitally experiment with TactoTek IMSE parts.

This will empower designers and engineers from the automotive, home appliance, industrial and wearable electronics sectors to accelerate development of next-generation consumer electronics, said the companies.

Consumers want to be delighted, surprised and projected into new experiences, yet differentiation is a continuous challenge for brands, said TactoTek.

Its IMSE solutions integrate printed electronics, including circuitry, touch controls and antennas, with discrete electronic components, such as LEDs for illumination, into 3D injection molded structures.

IMSE parts are light and can be thinner than 2 mm; meanwhile, electronics are protected because they are fully encapsulated in injection molded plastics.

Injection molded structural electronic parts are light and can be thinner than 2 mm. The electronics are fully encapsulated in injection molded plastics

“Today TactoTek partners with customers to adapt their designs, typically conceived based on the manufacturing constraints of traditional electronics, into mass producible IMSE products,” said Jussi Harvela, TactoTek CEO.

“Incorporating TactoTek design parameters into Dassault Systemes’ 3DExperience platform will unleash designers’ creativity and help them realize even more of the potential of IMSE technology—we expect to see rapid design innovation that will further accelerate IMSE solution adoption,” said Harvela.

Using the 3DExperience platform as a foundation for IMSE-specific engineering processes, designers and engineers can digitally create, simulate and test the real-world behavior of IMSE parts in a collaborative 3D environment.

This integrated, digital approach will help to streamline the development of lighter, more durable and more space efficient control panels in cars, home appliances and other consumer electronics.

“The 3DExperience platform with the integrated IMSE solution provides an integrated design and simulation environment, enabling a tight collaboration between electronics and mechanical design and simulation teams, reducing the number of iterations by a factor, and better predicting the final resulting quality,” said Philippe Laufer, CEO, CATIA, Dassault Systemes.

“These are all important factors to invent sustainable future disruptive experiences and accelerate their time to market.”

TactoTek will join Dassault Systemes at booth 8300 in the North Hall of CES 2018 next week in Las Vegas.

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