System Stampi: Heart of steel

foto D1 OKSystem Stampi, whose headquarters lie at the very heart of the world-renown mold-producing province of Brescia, in the town of Gavardo, was established some 45 years ago and throughout the decades it managed to acquire a remarkable reputation both in Italy and worldwide. The company has developed a strong expertise in producing pins and bushes for plastic, shearing and pressure die-casting applications. Among the elements that made its business so successful the Italian manufacturer would undoubtedly name the uninterrupted pursuit of excellence. Maximum quality and fast delivery are only a few of System Stampi’s points of strength, together with the reliability its products can always display and with the size and completeness of the warehouses it manages. Besides all the measures and characteristics described in its product catalogue, System Stampi is also prepared for the production of special pieces and parts, based on the customers’ drawings or projects. System Stampi only uses high-quality steels, produced for cementation and tempering and Uni-Iso certified. Traditionally dealing with a number of industries in the manufacturing scenario, System Stampi provides its clients worldwide with 0.8-0.10 millimeters deep thermal treatments and ensures a superficial hardness of 60-63 Hrc, while on the other hand it states that tolerances in the surface finishing processes, such as grinding and lapping for instance, depend on the kind of article requested, or on the customers’ specifications. Today, the producer declares its new catalogue can host «the complete, wide range of module guide pins and bushings» it supplies.

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