SMART: A New Era in Rotational Moulding from Persico Industrial

Persico Industrial is a company renowned for the innovation in rotational moulding; in 2018 it introduced a brand-new technology called SMART (Simple, Maintenance Friendly, Affordable, Reliable, Time-to-market). User-friendly but flexible, SMART is the best rotational moulding system today available for the production of excellent-quality rotational parts manufactured in medium volumes. This system allows obtaining a broad range of products moulded rotationally on the same machine and characterized by strict tolerances or complex geometries. Besides being optimal for manufacturing, SMART is the ideal choice for the producers of materials and researchers who intend to experiment new rotational moulding materials and new moulding conditions, or for the newcomers in the rotational moulding field who wish a user-friendly implementation.

Unlike conventional rotomoulding systems simply controlled by pre-set times, SMART monitors and controls the air temperature inside the mould continuously during the entire process, so that heating and cooling times are automatically adjusted to the changeable surrounding conditions and moulded parts are always compliant with demands and high-quality. SMART has a compact footprint because loading, heating, cooling and unloading can all take place in the same area. Each aluminium mould is heated by numerous electrical hating elements housed in grooves on the outer surface of moulds.

Among the various advantages provided by SMART, it is worth highlighting the energy saving (up to 30%) determined by the heat delivery only to the mould and unnecessary oven pre-heating; moreover, it is possible to obtain excellent thickness uniformity of walls (the same temperature can be obtained in each point of the inner mould surface, even in case of double walls). It is also possible to implement walls with different thicknesses (it is possible to set a different temperature for each control zone of the mould); it allows having a minor deformation and lower weight of the moulded part, in addition to shorter cycle times and lower quantity of raw material used (up to 30% less, depending on the geometry).  A further positive aspect is connected with the possible operation of moulds on the same arm at completely different temperatures, in contrast with the conventional process. SMART system allows processing a broad range of materials, including oxidation-sensitive materials like PA6 (the desired gas can be used inside the mould); high temperature-resistant engineering plastics such as PC, ECTFE, PVDF, PEEK (it is possible to reach maximum surface temperatures of 350 °C); and crosslinkable PE (the right

amount of crosslinking is always attained). Thanks to the unprecedented functions of SMART and the know-how by Persico, material producers and research centres can even widen their horizons and experiment new materials in moulding conditions that were previously unfeasible with conventional rotomoulding processes.

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