3D System presents two promotions until June 6 2016

3dsystem3D System is offering two promotions on ProJet 5000 3D printer and ProX SLS 500 3D Printer until June 6 2016.

Customers who purchase ProJet 5000 3D printer can get one complimentary Material Starter Kit at no additional costs. Offering a unique combination of size (533 x 381 x 300mm build volume), precision and productivity, the ProJet 5000 is an exceptional choice for printing durable hard plastic parts of all sizes with superior feature quality and detail resolution.

Clients can choose theis complimentary material starter kit from 3D Systems’ line of high performance VisiJet® M5 plastic materials, which includes high-elongation, translucent durable plastic; high-strength PP-like black plastic; or stiff, brilliant white plastic with high-temperature resistance.

Clients who purchase the ProX SLS 500 3D Printer can receive installation, calibration and a one-year extended warranty at no additional cost. The ProX SLS 500 is a Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) production 3D printer that delivers superior parts with ultimate precision, durability and quality in a compact production-grade system. Designed for the manufacturing floor, the ProX SLS 500 produces ready-to-use functional parts and complete assemblies for a variety of aerospace, automotive, machinery, patient specific medical devices, fashion accessories, and mobile device use cases.

As the most reliable printer in its class, 3D System is confident in its ability to create the smoothest surfaces and highest resolution thermoplastic parts 24/7. So take advantage of the extended warranty bonus offer today, and get 12 additional months of coverage on us.

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