Polish vodka brand Sobieski works with Greiner Packaging to create plastic bottles

The 1.75-liter PET bottle retains premium branding for Sobieski

Greiner Packaging is producing a PET bottle for a Polish vodka brand in a market dominated by glass bottles.

Sobieski vodka is now being packaged for the Polish market in a 1.75-liter PET bottle that is injection stretch blow molded and has engraved decoration.

“Part of the Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits Group, Sobieski stands for first-class premium vodka,” said Greiner.

The move from glass to PET enabled greater practicality, including lighter weight, while retaining the brand’s premium appeal.

“A 1.75-liter bottle made of plastic was especially conceived for the local market, where it should be a convincing alternative not just because of its highly valuable content, but also because of its look and practicality,” said Greiner.

Günter Ausserwöger, sales director in Greiner’s Kavo business, said: “The raw material and the modern production approach used ensure greater bottle transparency, thereby highlighting the engraving of the brand logo even better. The bottles now completely match our client’s expectations to be a premium brand.”

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