Smart3D 2 OKSMART3D™ is the first in a series of next generation product releases based on Perceptron’s revolutionary Helix® Smart Scanning Sensor Technology incorporating MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System).

SMART3D from Perceptron represents a productivity breakthrough for the reverse engineering and modeling sectors. The system offers a fully integrated automatic rotary table and intuitive easy to use SCANWORKS® STUDIO Software. A simple teach and repeat process allows scanning of repetitive parts using the ‘Auto Rescan’ Feature. The accuracy of the acquired dataset is significantly enhanced over equivalent data acquired using manually operated scanning systems.

SMART3D automatically provides 3D polygonised models for reverse engineering, 3D printing or graphical web content. The SMART3D system can also be used for the verification of production parts against nominal part geometry data.

SMART3D incorporates Perceptron’s patented HELIX smart scanning sensor technology which is used extensively throughout the global automotive industry for in-process laser scanning of car bodies for dimensional stability and gap and flush measurement. HELIX incorporates MEMS technology and offers the world’s first programmable laser scanner whereby the laser line quantity, density and scanning volume are fully user programmable negating the necessity to physically move the laser scanner over the part. All scanning motion is contained within the HELIX smart scanning sensor itself dramatically improving quality of scanned data while maintaining a volumetric accuracy down to 50 microns. The unique HELIX configurable line density allows for scan line intervals programmable down to 0.1mm. Combining the unique features of programmable scanning volume, and line number and density for specific regions of interest on highly detailed complex parts allows for true scanning optimization. The use of a coherent laser light source in the HELIX provides a larger dynamic range allowing scanning of multiple colors and finishes. The dynamic range has been further extended by the incorporation of adjustable laser power control and dynamic auto laser intensity.

The SMART3D system is supplied with a fully integrated automatic rotary table that allows for the full 360 degree scanning of parts without the need for targets or best fit alignment. The overall scanning volume is 200mm x 225mm x 225mm which is compatible with the volume of most 3D printers.

From arrival at a scanning location the portable SMART3D system can be fully operational in less than 15 minutes. The complete SMART3D system is easily transported in purpose designed rugged equipment cases providing a truly portable solution. SMART3D can be used with a tripod for maximum portability or can be fixture mounted for the more demanding environment.

The scanned dataset is streamed real-time into the accompanying SCANWORKS STUDIO data collection software with automatic full 3D STL model creation. The SCANWORKS STUDIO software comes with a complete package of tools to refine and enhance the completed scan project; the generated STL model can also be used with all major 3rd party point cloud and 3D printing software.

SMART3D user benefits over other portable scanning systems can be summarized as:

  • Absolute measuring System (no targets required)
  • Fast, Accurate and Industrial Grade
  • Portable and Mobile
  • Automatic Data Acquisition
  • Multi-color scan path differentiation
  • Eliminates human influence on acquired data
  • Structured dataset minimizing post scan processing
  • Programmable scan regions with individual scan line density
  • Wide dynamic scanning range
  • Low susceptibility to ambient light and temperature conditions
  • Intuitive ScanWorks Studio software with comprehensive STL enhancement tools.

Perceptron’s CEO Jeff Armstrong states “Perceptron has been a leader and innovator in the field of 3D laser scanning in the automotive sector for more than 30 years with global support for our metrology equipment which is used in the most demanding of industrial applications. The SMART3D product launch extends our position out into the general scanning and reverse engineering sector with SMART3D being the first in a series of innovative, cost efficient products we will be launching with our renewed focus and commitment to gaining a leadership position in this fast growing market.”

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