Pedrotti introduced EES-2CBH head pins with increased head

EES-2CBH is a product that Pedrotti has introduced into its range to standardize the requests of customers that have ordered this pin upon their own design for a long time.

Punch inserts that execute holes in moulds are often subjected to breakage or wear because exposed to the intense and direct flow of melted aluminium and their replacement needs the disassembly of the mould.

The EES-2CBH pin (made of 1.2343 steel, hardened and tempered at 42-46 HRC) has an increased head, equipped with a threaded hole that, on the contrary, allows the removal with the mounted mould.

The depth of the threaded hole allows lowering the head by few millimetres for all applications needing it.

Proposing a product with standard sizes has allowed a notable saving of time and costs for users, in both design and provisioning phase.

After shaping, pins can be nitrided to increase the surface hardness through nitriding or a specific PVD/PaCVD coating for die-casting.

Nitriding grants a surface hardness of about 900-1000HV, while the coating, with a thickness of some microns, increases hardness up to 3500HV for challenging applications, granting more resistance to oxidation and wear.

Pedrotti can execute shaping, nitriding and coating to assure shorter delivery terms.

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