Pantostamp: The quality to compete

foto B OKWith production plants in Opera, near Milan, Pantostamp was established nearly 30 years ago and its founders love to describe the company as «a pioneer in mold design and manufacturing». The Milano-based firm’s major target is that of providing customers with high-quality products and technical solutions in order to compete on the global markets and to act as leading players in a wide variety of industries ranging from food and beverage to cosmetics and from the biomedical to the packaging sectors. Specialized in molds for plastics Pantostamp has been keeping its machines and technologies updated throughout the years, believing this represents an «irreplaceable value in terms of reliability and effectiveness», together with the attention a provider always has to pay to each and every customer’s need or request. To preserve and expand its competitiveness with time Pantostamp has been developing a remarkable know how in the numerous sectors it deals with, so that today its ability to steadily address and solve a customer’s problems or issues is among the firm’s most appreciated skills. While relying on a spare parts and maintenance-focused workforce, Pantostamp also hosts a specialized technical department, equipped with advanced applications which can ensure most accurate mold design and Cam pathways, also given that the company’s design and engineering team can partner up with customers to better understand their needs and offer them the most effective solution as fast as possible. Finally, taking advantage of the latest third party technologies Pantostamp can promise an excellent aesthetic result on any kind of product.

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