Omlat: The countdown for the EMO….

OMLAT_1 OKFrom the 5th to the 10th of October 2015, Omlat, the electro-spindle producer Company from Piedmont region in North of Italy, will attend the international Emo exhibition in Milan where it will show to the public the latest technologies applied. Omlat was established in Turin in the forties by Salvatore Munnia and since then the Company has gained and implemented with success an important technical evolution in the field of spindle and electro-spindle for the machine tools industry. Today Omlat counts on two modern production plans, equipped with latest machine centers and aims to give to its customers a “genuinely made in Italy” product adding more value to their machines. Nowadays Omlat offers a wide range of spindle and electro-spindle for milling and grinding applications as well as a special range for turning operations. It is well consolidated in aerospace and automotive sectors but also in wood and composite industries where high tech electro-spindle are manufactured to machining special materials and alloys. Main feature of these products is the possibility to combine high speed, power and torque. Beside new products standard or customized, Omlat completes its offer with a prompt service department ensuring a fast and effective reaction to repair and overhaul every type of spindle and electro-spindle. Very well positioned on the global markets, Omlat can also rely on an assistance-oriented branch office in the United States, Omlat USA, with headquarters in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

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