OML offers in the Zero Point market two versions of the same system: WPS and APS

In the well-known Zero Point market, OML offers two versions of the same: mechanical Zero Point (WPS) and Pneumatic Zero Point (APS).

Both systems, each with its own characteristics, can meet any need for clamping and reducing set-up times. Clamping modules with different heights (40, 60, 80 and 160 mm) guarantee the clamping of several workpiece geometries.

The clamping modules can be mounted either on a grid plate or by means of a mounting flange directly on the machine table.

Thanks to the single quick actuation, the modules can be opened and closed by only 3.5 rotations. The actuation is done manual and without any media.

The ideal accessibility of the actuation ensures a comfortable handling and use of the clamping system. The modules are completely sealed (proofline ®), so maintenance is not necessary.

APS uses compressed air (6 BAR-85 psi) for unlocking, it uses spring force for clamping with repeatability of less than 5 microns.

No compressed air is required in the locked condition.

Integrated in the APS modules, Premium version, there is the Turbo function that increases the clamping force up to 45 kN.

An important innovation consists in the preliminary treatment of components (jaws and pins) up to 62 HRC and the subsequent use of a particular coating that avoids the problem of corrosion and reduces friction.

This innovation, which distinguishes us from our competitors, is dictated by both technical and marketing requirements, as the market offers similar products in stainless steel, which can hardly be heat treated up to the hardness of 62 HRC, needed especially at the heart of the clamping system, that is jaws and pins.

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