Nostep sleeve ejectors: to guarantee fluidity during the ejection phase

Large moulds often require long extraction strokes and standard sleeve ejectors usually have a limited length guide. Usage of sleeve ejectors with increased guide allows solving this problem, but this solution necessarily implies rising costs and risks because of the increased sliding friction. The Nostep sleeve ejectors are the best solution to this problem. When, during extraction, the plug comes out of the guided part, the return is guaranteed by the extremely polished connection between relief and guide holes. This avoids jams and damages to the surfaces of the pin shape.
The advantages of this solution are even more appreciable when the pin is long and therefore more subject to bending or to the clearance between the seats and the sleeve ejector. Another advantage that can easily be found during the assembly of the mould is the ease of fitting the pins into the sleeves, thanks to the self-centering functionality guaranteed by the Nostep process, thus allowing a greater saving of time and ease of use.

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