New technologies, materials and production facilities from LMT Tools

lmt-toolsLMT Tools has released new technologies, materials and production facilities drive the international production industry. With its new motto “exactly yours” LMT Tools has therefore set itself a clear goal: finding the best solution for the customer. With the new customer-specific solutions for gear cutting, thread rolling, tapping and forming as well as for milling and reaming the group focuses on customized user benefits.

The Carbideline product family by LMT Fette stands for top performance in carbide gear milling. It includes three gear hob variations which are each characterized by special strength and productivity in their respective fields of application. New in 2016 is the hybrid variant Carbideline-H (hybrid carbide) with brazed carbide cutting edges and the wear-resistant coating Nanosphere. With these high-class features users can cut high-strength materials of over 1,000 N/mm2. The hybrid gear hob can be used in the M5 to M12 module range. The reduced diameter range is covered by Carbideline-S solid-carbide gear hobs. For manufacturers of large gears, the multi-component gear cutting Carbideline-I (indexable carbide) tools are the first choice.

Thread rolling systems strengthen the fiber orientation of a material making the thread even stronger – while retaining consistent gage accuracy and unparalleled surface quality. The rolling systems by LMT Fette have proven themselves over decades in series production. Now, the customized tangential rolling heads of the CTline series represent the next step in the development. “Customized” means modified standard rolling heads to meet customer-specific requirements. This can be achieved in several ways: Even slight changes to tool making, tool stability or coolant supply can significantly increase rolling head efficiency. To realize new solutions more quickly, LMT Fette also uses the additive 3D printing production process.

The CopyMax®2 indexable insert that features an entirely new design by LMT Kieninger guarantees top performance in mold and die making: Apart from improved cutting and material properties, the copy milling plate has a fully functional second cutting edge. When the first cutting edge is worn down, the second cutting edge can be turned over and used with the same service life. In cases of practical applications it was possible to quadruple service life. Another new feature is that the milling plate is manufactured using the High Quality Sintering (HQS) process. Here, increased pressure and special forming ensure stabler cutting edges on the tool. This facilitates highly consistent and reliable cutting of the material over large material surfaces. The CopyMax®2 is available as end mill cutter or bolt-on mill cutter with the diameters 16, 20 and 25 mm.

Tools are being subjected to more and more stringent requirements when it comes to the finishing in mold and die making. The required precision and quality of the surface areas must be achieved despite increased cutting data. Therefore, LMT Kieninger goes right to the next step with the SuperFinish copy milling system: The new HSCline SuperFinish4 ball nose cutter has four cutting edges and a special S-cut. This guarantees shorter component processing times while extending the service life. Thanks to a ultra-fine grain carbide substrate and a coating tailored to the process, productivity is increased by 40 percent. The 30-degree helix reduces the tendency to vibrate. In addition, the small radius tolerance of +/– 5 µm ensures high dimension accuracy. The result: The surface finish is especially high at a high cutting speed.

Nanomold Black is optimally suited to universal applications. The new coating closes the gap between the already established high-performance coatings Nanomold Gold and Nanomold Red. It completes the established Nanomold coating range by adding the roughing and finishing of steel, cast steel and cast iron up to a hardness of 56 HRC. Up until now, the gold coating covered the lower hardness range for roughing and semi-finishing of materials. The red coating is ideally suited to the finishing of hardened materials of up to 65 HRC.

In thread production, process reliability is essential. The new Rasant® tap, type ChipBreaker, by LMT Fette, prevents annoying bundles of chips and facilitates smooth blind-hole thread tapping. The patented negative chamfer on the cutting edges and the integrated coolant supply optimize chip transport and increase tool life. The ChipBreaker has a 15° helix angle and is equipped with a high-performance coating, such as TiCN Plus. This makes the thread tap ideal for cutting with minimum-quantity lubrication (MQL) and for hard-to-cut materials. The standard program from M5 to M20 and from MF8 × 1 to MF16 × 1.5 is in stock and available at short notice.

Compared with the machining method, thread forming excels through its higher repeat accuracy and greater strength of the threads. The FormMax solid carbide thread former by LMT Fette is made of a newly developed ultra-fine grain carbide and is tailored precisely to customers’ needs thanks to its optimized geometry. Thread quality and tool life are increased even further, as the coated tool surface is especially smooth. Furthermore, higher circumferential speeds increase the efficiency of thread forming. The tool features integrated coolant channels. The standard program covers the dimensions M4 to M12 and MF8 x 1 to MF14 x 1.5 and is available ex-stock at short notice.

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