New PCD-tipped milling insert grades from Seco

Photo Seco

Photo Seco

Seco has launched two new PCD-tipped milling insert grades – PCD05 and PCD20 – for use with its popular Turbo 10 cutters for aerospace and automotive part production.

These PCD grades are designed to produce superior surface quality in finish machining applications involving aluminum and titanium alloy workpiece materials. These grades are also effective in cutting polymers and fiber-reinforced composites.

PCD05 and PCD20 milling insert grades work alone or alongside carbide inserts in the same Turbo 10 cutter body. When used with carbide inserts, the PCD insert grades serve as wiper inserts in fixed pockets.

Conversely, running the PCD05 and PCD20 in one Turbo 10 cutter body optimizes their potential and cutting parameters.

Featuring solid carbide insert bodies, the PCD05 and PCD20 come in Seco’s X010 insert size with a corner radius of .016″ (0.4mm) and wiper length of 0.43″ (1.08mm).

The Turbo 10 cutter bodies that hold the PCD05 and PCD20 include precision milled pocket seats that improve run-out, stability and tool life by providing contact between the tool body and insert.

Integrated through-coolant channels support productivity and promote chip evacuation. Turbo 10 cutters work in slotting, shouldering, ramping, facing, pocketing, plunging and turn milling applications.

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