New mold component products from Meusburger now available from stock

Hydraulic cylinders in a range of stroke lengths are now available from stock by Meusburger (Wolfurt, Austria).

Because of the countless variants on the market, the selection and configuration of an appropriate hydraulic cylinder is time-consuming and difficult.

E 7000, E 7001 and E 7002 hydraulic cylinders from Meusburger are now available from stock in stroke lengths up to 200 mm.

Meusburger hydraulic cylinders

Meusburger hydraulic cylinders

A specific characteristic of the double-acting hydraulic cylinders are the standard axial and transverse holes.

The hardened and ground piston rods offer optimal protection against damages and leaks.

All Meusburger hydraulic cylinders are equipped with FKM (Viton) seals, enabling operating temperatures of up to 180° C.

Also, matching accessories such as couplers and magnetic proximity sensors for position monitoring are available for download immediately: Stroke parameters are directly entered in the digital catalog and then transferred to the appropriate CAD program.

The new E 65620 magnetic proximity sensor is equipped with a new setting aid—a flashing signal threshold alarm and continuous light in the optimal switching range guarantee an exact and simple adjustment.

The existing E 6562 magnetic proximity sensor has been upgraded with this new function. Both sensors from Meusburger are suited for the position sensing of hydraulic cylinders.

The fixing of the magnetic proximity sensors takes place in the T-groove.

The E 2766 magnetic cable retainer enables easy and secure fixing of connecting leads inside the cable slot.

Only a 12-mm milling cutter is required to incorporate the cable retainer, eliminating the time-consuming task of introducing a threaded hole.

The retainer is fixed by means of a strong neodymium magnet. This helps save time and costs during mold assembly.

Because of their temperature resistance of up to 150° C, the magnetic cable retainers can also be used for hot runner systems.

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